the new face of our book project


Thanks to the efforts of the very talented and hard working Design teacher-by-day and Graphic Designer-by-night – Amanda Morris –  we now have a striking and inviting cover for our book. Thankfully, Amanda was able to patiently deal with heaps of feedback and requests for changes from her task-master (mistress!) ‘client’.  We believe the cover design will attract attention on a book shelf, convey authority, visually represent the major themes of our book (the multiplicities of place, time, identity, perspectives and practices) and align it very clearly with our academic readership.

The cover image used in our design has its own fascinating backstory…following soon!

Website goes live!

Welcome to the web-based platform for the edited collection – Teaching in extended programmes in South Africa: classroom contexts, lecturer identities and teaching practices. This edited collection has been written  by 19 academic teachers and educational developers. It aims to offer a window into the daily teaching realities of university lecturers working in extended programmes and the first year domains of five local universities. This website aims to promote the book but also provide a deeper, richer backstory to the writing of the book and the authors who participated in this writing project. 

The publication date for the book is December 2018.